FWD After School

I currently run after school programs in Croton and Tarrytown. Our focus is for gifted children to be with their actual peers and to work on things they commonly struggle with: perfectionism, frustration, anxiety, executive function, abstract thought, fine motor skills, and more. Each day we encourage the children to fail and to learn what that feels like, and how to persevere through it.

We currently have an elementary class for children in grades k – 4th, and a middle school class for grades 5th – 7th. Visit our Facebook page for more information and pictures of our program: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FWD-Gifted-Services-1754469061459218/photos/?ref=page_internal

Each day when the kids arrive, they have time to play games, invent, do art, etc. with their friends. We then do a project for about an hour, where we go in-depth into a specific topic and do a hands-on activity to explore further. After the project, the kids have time for homework with help from our teachers.

Some examples of our past projects include: pointillism art, hydraulic systems, International Space Station with a guest astronomer, trebuchets and other medieval weapons, suminagashi (Japanese floating ink art), musical chairs creative writing, vacuum chambers, improv games, states of matter, and more. 

Constructing a Tiny House 
Making a cork ‘flink’ (neither float nor sink) 

Making homemade ice cream
Magnetic Slime!
Suminagashi – a beautiful style of paper marbling