About Me

Working with gifted kids and their families has been a passion of mine for years. Often the needs of these children are misunderstood, mislabeled, ignored in schools.

I started working with gifted kids and their families in 2004 with a focus on social and emotional enrichment rather than academics. Gifted kids need peers, they need to learn how to fail, they need a safe space to explore their interests and take risks. Parents of gifted kids need other gifted parents to help them with this journey and an advocate to be on their side. With those goals in mind, I started Sprout Gifted Enrichment. After 12 years we relocated to New York (passing Sprout on to capable hands) and started FWD Gifted. We currently have classes in Croton on Hudson and Bronxville, with hopes of adding programs in new towns next year. 

Contact me if you’re interested in FWD near you, would like to schedule time to chat about advocacy, teacher trainings, lectures, or SENG parent support groups. info@fwdgifted.com